How to Make a Beach Flag

Making a beach flag is easy. All you need are a few supplies like paper, scissors, and a marker.

A beach flag is a fun craft for kids to make, and they can be customized however your child likes using their imagination. They’re also an inexpensive decoration that can help you show off the holiday spirit!

If you want to make one yourself this summer – the instructions are as follows:

1) Cut out 2 x 2 inch rectangles of different colors from construction paper or any other type of paper you like.
2) Attach the flag to a paper towel roll.
3) Cut a strip of fabric about 1 inch wide and 11 inches long and attach it to the back of your flag with double-sided tape.
4) Cut out two strips of double-sided tape 3 inches long and attach them to the sides of your flag.
5) Attach a pencil to the bottom of your flag. 6) Draw a design on the paper and decorate it using markers, crayons, or stickers.