Countries with The Flag Prices

Flag prices is one of the most talked about topics in the world today. Everyone has an opinion on this topic, be it defending a country’s flag or condemning its value. However, many people may not realize that countries vary in respect to whether they have high or low prices for their flags.

At first glance, it may seem odd that some countries charge more for their flags than others when they all serve the same function; however, there are factors at play that influence how much a country charges for its flag. Flag prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Some flags can be worth millions of dollars. The most expensive flag was sold for $6 million in 2014. The cheapest flag was sold for $0.30, with the bulk of countries falling somewhere in between those extremes.

One factor that affects how much a country charges for its flag is the size of the flag itself and what it is made from. Flag sizes vary across countries just as they do with non-flags, from 2 feet by 3 feet to 21 feet by 36 feet, as well as myriad variations between these measurements or greater than greater than these measurements on the larger end of the spectrum are common around dignitaries and other public display areas. For example, Turkey flag sizes are typically 3.5 feet by 5.5 feet, with a few variations in size, while South Africa’s flags can be as large as 7 feet by 12 feet and India’s flags can be 36 feet by 66 feet. The size of the flag affects the price that you pay for it, whether it is in dollars or pounds sterling or euros or pesos or any other country’s currency represented on the planet. Bigger flags tend to cost more than smaller ones unless they are made of less expensive materials such as plastic, which are also a factor in flag prices.