The Story Behind The Turkey Flag Factory

The Turkey Flag Factory is a small flag-maker based in Istanbul. The story of this company begins with a man named Mustafa Önder who wanted to create his own version of the traditional Turkish flag.

Önder started making flags out of scrap paper and cardboard. As he worked, Önder realized there was a real need among his countrymen for flags that were affordable and would last longer than other flags they had seen in stores.

Önder decided that he should start a business to fill that need, and in the beginning, his factory produced flags for local municipalities. This led to other clients including the Maçka Park Lyceum (a school) and an association dedicated to protecting Atatürk’s principles of secularism.

The company has grown considerably since Önder’s first hand-sewn Turkish flags. In 2008 it was awarded first prize at an international flag competition in Istanbul for its high quality products.