Why You Need to Properly Adjust Your Flag Poles

Flag poles are essential pieces of equipment for any school, organization or facility, but they often get neglected. Many people think that if you just put a pole on the ground and stick a flag on top of it, you’re set.

That’s not always the case! Properly adjusting your flag poles is important if you want to be safe and make sure your flags are flying at their finest. If you wish to read the rest of this article, please click on the link below:

The proper way to adjust your flag pole is to take them apart.

A majority of flag poles can be separated into two different sections, a base and a top. It’s important that both the base and top are securely adjusted.

This is done by taking the base off your flag pole, which allows you to put the pole down for adjustments. This lets you install a bearing collar to secure your flag and makes sure it’s held in place. A bearing collar slides over your sleeve and then over the drum on top of your base, and it can be easily removed if needed later on down the line.

After securing your flag, you then should slide the top back and secure it through a sleeve. This is the same sleeve that was on the base of the pole earlier, and it goes over a metal bracket on top of your pole. After securing this part of your pole, you can slide the flag section back on, and you’re ready for battle!